Today I Miss You

I miss your laugh, your love, your smile. 

This coming Monday I’ll be missing you but I know you’ll be smiling down on us. 

Today I realized something vital. 

I love to present on science and my ideas to help the progression of the field. I love the feeling of joy as I demonstrate how my idea can save lives, how unique my design could be. I love defending my thoughts from the those who are curious enough to challenge it. 

It makes me so happy to know that I am heading in the right direction. The next 4-5 years will be an exploration of how well I can do what I love; of how I can revolutionize how people are treated with deadly diseases; of how I can really grow as a person, and strive for the very best I can be. 

You know when things aren’t right. This is one of them, amongst them all. 

Women Rock Science: Ellen Stofan Announced as head of Science at NASA



Today on their 55th anniversary NASA has announced that Ellen Stofan is their new head of Science taking over from Waleed Abdalati. She will work as principle advisor to Administrator Charles Boden on all of NASA’s science programmes. Stofan is a planatery geologist who has been researching…

(via biomedicalstudents)